“I always view myself as “not flexible” but I really am.  The information is presented in such a way that I can try the pose and know that Amy will encourage me.  I believe that I am starting to understand my body.  It is very relaxing but energizing at the same time.” 

Peg H.

“I had been going through a very stressful time, trying to settle myself and two small children into a new home and community while attempting to balance the usual work and family commitments.  Oops, with all of that, I had totally neglected to take care of myself – no exercise and eating too many cookies – in a nutshell, feeling awful!  Flash forward…Amy’s class.  Just what I needed – it felt like I was putting my body back in tune while centering my mind.  There is much to benefit from studying with Amy – a giving teacher with great explanations and terrific demonstrations.  It’s easy to improve on your yoga skills there, plus garnering much relaxation at the same time."

Rachel S.

“What I appreciate most about Amy’s teaching is the way she combines her great skill with insight and warmth.  In a large class she is able to work with many people wherever they are.  Amy shares her deep understanding of the point of yoga.  By that I mean it’s not just about getting a pose right (whatever that means) – it’s about how working towards greater external skills is a reflection of and a way to impact what is going on inside.  I love the way we start and end in silence.  I love the fact we’re not rushing – there’s always time for another breath, time to settle a little more deeply.”

Alisa D.

“Amy has helped me learn that yoga isn’t about achieving the perfect asana; it’s about giving myself permission to simply observe and accept the moment – both in the studio and in real life.  What a gift!”

Lisa B.

"Amy's teaching style is inspiring. She conveys a wealth of knowledge, attention to detail and gentleness of spirit with an economy of words. Her sequences lead to inner learning. Studying yoga with Amy for the past few years, I have gained balance, strength and resilience in both body and soul."

Lauren S.

“Hi Amy.  When I think about what makes you different as a yoga teacher I keep coming back to your use of language.  The entire experience of yoga is different when it’s narrated through rich metaphors and powerfully evocative language.  I find new, deeper understanding at the physical, emotional and cognitive levels simultaneously.  Your use of metaphor heightens the instruction – I am inspired by an image and right away where I’m going is different.  With this additional awareness I find I can actually discover and activate layers beneath the skin and at times, this leads me to a momentarily quieted mind.  The benefits and your way of teaching it continue to expand for me. Deep thanks for this."

Jennifer M.

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